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Kentucky Library Groups

Updated January 2010

  1. Kentucky Library Network (KLN)
    1. Established: 1985
    2. Funding: Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) Title III and state fund
    3. Type: multitype library consortium
    4. Members: 283 ( 126 public, 52 academic, 50 school and 55 special)
    5. Services:
      • OCLC Group Access for interlibrary loan services;
      • Kentucky Union List of Serials via OCLC Serials Union Listing service
      • Bulletin board/email service via Technology Access Network of Kentucky (TANK)
      • KLN SharePAC for union catalog
      • OCLC FirstSearch Pilot Project
    6. Contact Person: Bill Paplinski, KDLA
  2. Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities  (AIKCU)
    1. Established: 1965 as Council of Independent Colleges and Universities of Kentucky (CICUK); Merged with Kentucky Independent College Fund in 1995 as Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU)
    2. Funding: Membership dues
    3. Type: Independent colleges and universities
    4. Members: 20
    5. Services:
      • Reciprocal borrowing among institutions
      • Currently exploring -- contracting with database vendors.
    6. Contact Person:
      1. Anne Chase, Berea College Library 
  3. Kentuckiana Metroversity Inc.
    1. Established: 1970
    2. Funding: No annual budget
    3. Type: Multistate multitype (Indiana and KY)
    4. Members: 10 (7 academic, 3 public)
    5. Services:
      • Reciprocal library privileges
      • Courier service
      • Ability to take some classes at a member institution
    6. Contact Person: Jack Will
      • Phone: (502) 897-3374; FAX: (502) 895-1647
  4. SWON Libraries
    1. Established: 2006
    2. Funding: Ohio state funding and membership fees
    3. Type: Multistate multitype (Ohio and KY)
    4. Members: 76 (22 academic, 14 public, 26 school, 14 special)
    5. Services:
      • Direct lending
      • Interlibrary loans
      • Cooperative media resources library
    6. Contact Person: Melanie McDonald, Executive Director
  5. Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA)
    1. Established: 1910
    2. Funding: State government
    3. Type: The Office, headed by a commissioner whose official title is State librarian, sets overall policy and direction for the department; provides marketing and communication advice and support to the divisions; serves as liaison with the Secretary's Office, the Governor's Office and the Legislature; supports the activities of the state Advisory Council on Libraries; maintains information on public library board appointments and communicates recommended appointments to the fiscal courts of each county requiring names from this office; provides state leadership for the department with state, regional and national organizations which impact library and archives development in the state; and, the State Librarian chairs the Archives and Records Commission, has official positions on the Kentucky Information Systems Commission, the Communications Advisory Committee, the state Literacy Commission, and the Oral History Commission.
    4. Organizational Structure/Services:
      • Administrative Services Division-- provides administrative support to the programs of the Department in the areas of fiscal, personnel/payroll, grants and contracts, facilities management, information technology, telecommunications and shipping
      • Field Services Division-- provides support to public libraries to better provide library service to the citizens of Kentucky
      • Public Records Division-- works with agencies to ensure creation and preservation of adequate and proper documentation of the agency's organizational functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions, as well as information which protects the legal and financial rights of the government and of individuals directly affected by an agency's activities
      • State Library Services Division-- provides access to information to meet the needs of its customers and provides statewide leadership in sharing information through library networking.
    5. Contact Person: Wayne Onkst, State Librarian and Commissioner
      • Phone: (502) 564-8300 ext. 312 ; FAX: (502) 564-5773
      • Toll Free:  800-928-7000
      • Email:
  6. Kentucky Library Association. Public Library Section. (KPLA)
    1. Established: 1909
    2. Funding: Membership dues
    3. Type: Public libraries
    4. Members: 380
    5. Services:
      • Forum for setting priorities for public library services within Kentucky
      • Liaison with KDLA, DOE, KLN, KSMA for cooperative projects and goals
      • Legislative Committee, includes representatives from KLN and KDLA, represents public libraries and public library trustees for funding and service priorities with Kentucky legislature.
      • Annual conferences
    6. Contact Person: J.C. Morgan, Director, Campbell County Public Library
  7. Kentucky Information Resources Management Commission (KIRM)
    1. Established: 1994 by the General Assembly to enhance strategic planning of information resources for the Commonwealth
    2. Funding: State government
    3. Type: The Office is established in the Secretary's Office of the Finance and Administration Cabinet with appropriate statutory authority and resources to assist the Commission in the performance of its powers and duties.
    4. Members: The Commission is composed of twelve members representing Executive Branch/Cabinet level management, information technology related state agencies, local government, the Kentucky Press and private sector managers with experience in information resources management. The chairpersons of two adjunct councils, the Communications Advisory Council and the Geographic Information Advisory Council, are ex-officio members.
    5. Services/Initiatives:
      • Kentucky Information Highway (KIH) -- a statewide, digital network providing for the high speed, high capacity delivery of voice, data, video, image and radio transmissions
      • Kentucky TeleLinking Network (KTLN) -- US Department of Education (DOE) Star Schools project using compressed video to link Kentucky's eight (8) state university Hub Sites to 47 elementary and secondary schools (P-12) and resource Participant Sites during 1995; KET became project manager in April 1996.
      • Information Resources Plans
      • 800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio Statewide System
      • Research and Development Program grant -- 250K for 95/96, 500K for 96/97
    6. Contact Person: Douglas Robinson, Executive Director
  8. Kentucky Department of Information Systems
    1. Established: 1981
    2. Funding: State government
    3. Type: Agency
    4. Services:
      • Programming and network administration contracts
      • Network computing support contracts
      • Help desk telephone support
      • Hardware maintenance
      • Microsoft technical support
      • Imaging contracts
      • Strategic interagency standards
      • Kentucky Information Highway (host, Internet, etc.)
      • Application development
      • Interagency e-mail
      • Training
      • The Commonwealth Integrated Network System (CINS) provides accessibility to all levels of government for the citizens of the Commonwealth, including library access, database sharing, computer hardware sharing, or simple voice, data and video interaction.
    5. Contact Person: Stephen N. Dooley, Commissioner
      • Phone: (502) 564-7777
      • FAX: (502) 564-6856
  9. Kentucky Department of Education
    1. Established: Council for Education Technology secured approval of the original Master Plan for the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS) in October 1992 and budget was updated in October 1995.
    2. Funding: The recommendations projected an initial cost over six years of $200M (or $33.3M per year) to provide a computer, printer, $5 of software, maintenance, and one-time teacher training for 1 out of every 6 students. The 1995 amendment to the Master Plan budget is $541M.
    3. Services:
      • Applications
      • District Financial Management
      • Pupil Attendance
      • District Level Attendance Accumulator
      • Online Instructional Software Review Service
      • Television Monitors
      • Help Desk Services
    4. Contact Person: Jackie White, KY Dept. of Education
  10. Federation of Kentucky Academic Libraries (FoKAL)
    1. Established: 2008
    2. Funding: No annual budget
    3. Type: Post-Secondary academic library consortium
    4. Members: 50 academic libraries
    5. Services:
      • Reciprocal borrowing among institutions
      • Interlibrary loan among institutions
      • Joint database contracts
      • Currently exploring -- information literacy and advocacy initiatives
    6. Contact Person: Dr. John Stemmer, Excutive Committee Chair
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